Better than freedom?



 /‘lɪbərti/  Spelled [lib-er-tee] freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.

freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

I was going to write about fantasies tonight, but that’s not where my mind wandered.  Instead, I thought about liberty today.  It was a good topic considering Liberty is one of the main theme’s of “Dolly”.  Liberty is the single greatest right we, as humans, possess.  It’s the also the most disregarded right. 
Lisa longs for freedom from the under-achieving, unsupportive, and depressing trailer park where she grew up.  College is more than just a dream of success.  College means freedom. 
But freedom and liberty are two different things.  A slave can be released from slavery, but do they exercise their right to liberty?  Can one living in slavery excercise liberty?  Can one choose to be free from the restraints of the world, even when shackled in chains of expectations and responsibilities? 
If Lisa breaks away from the darkness that is her life, will she learn to exercise liberty?  Or will her past keep her chained to a life of disappointment?
I’m not sure yet.  I suppose that’s why I’m struggling with the ending.  There are still questions that I need to answer.  So, I will conclude this post with this question? Do you exercise your liberty?  Do you consciously make choices, or do you let the winds of fate drag you around?
I value my Liberty.  So much, that I tattooed it on my foot.  (Excuse the bruises and ink smears.  This was taken right after we finished.)


I think I’ll write more about this later.  I have a novel to write.


About author A. Lynn

A. Lynn has enjoyed the craft of writing since she finished the songs in Barry Manilow's songs as a five year old, prancing around her grandparents rural farm. Her style has changed as she's grown up. In the past ten years, she's experimented until finding her style and voice. Now, she's ready to take an effort to share her stories with the world. View all posts by author A. Lynn

2 responses to “Better than freedom?

  • diane diaz

    Nice tattoo you have there..I think i’ll write
    something also that has a meaning to other people also.and get some inks like yours on my back 🙂 isnt’ that cool .

  • Deborah Burns

    I came from a background full of… darkness. I did see college as my path to freedom… and not just being free (as you define it), but being liberated.

    Every day I make choices that exercise my liberty. I have to. Because it reminds me that I am free. That I am not tied to the past. It’s hard some days. Sometimes I don’t feel like I can escape it. But all I have to do is take an inventory of my life and recognize the differences between then and now to see that I have been liberated. Sometimes that means NOT connecting with family members who would pull me down or resurrect the past. It means cutting ties to those that would hurt me rather than help. But that is part of being liberated… understanding that I have the choice… it is mine to decide… and no one has a RIGHT to be in my life. I choose who and what stays and who and what can take a flying leap. That’s what makes the difference… conscious choice. The darkness never goes away, we just learn to control it instead of allowing it to control us.

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